Leading consumer-focused ecosystem in Kazakhstan
Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
Year of initial investments:

Kaspi.kz is the largest consumer-focused Ecosystem in Kazakhstan with a leading market position in each of its key products and services. Kaspi.kz provides technologically advanced, seamless and innovative ways for consumers to shop, pay for and finance their purchases, as well as manage their personal finances through a growing range of interconnected products and services. This is fast-growing, transaction-driven, profitable and dividend-paying business.

Kaspi.kz is guided by its mission to improve people’s lives through developing innovative products and services. The company is built around four core revenue generating platforms, which form its Ecosystem and includes Marketplace, Payments, e-Finance and Consumer Financial Services platforms.

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06 August 2021


Baring Vostok statement on the court’s decision on 6 August 2021
22 January 2021

Media Statement.

Baring Vostok statement on the court’s decision on 22 January 2021
24 November 2020

21 years later….

Letter from Baring Vostok Senior Partner Elena Ivashentseva to colleagues and friends in relation to Ozon’s IPO
12 November 2020

Media Statement.

Baring Vostok statement on the Supreme Court’s decision on 12 November 2020
06 October 2020

Media statement.

Baring Vostok views as unfounded the First Court of Appeal’s decision to reject appeals against the extension of house arrest for Michael Calvey, Philippe Delpal, Maxim Vladimirov, Vagan Abgaryan and Ivan Zyuzin until 13 November 2020.
06 August 2020

Media statement.

Baring Vostok considers the courts’ decisions to extend pre-trial house arrest to be unfounded and overly severe, and will seek to overturn them.