Baring Private Equity International Map

Founded in 1984, Baring Private Equity International is a leading provider of private equity capital in emerging markets via regional funds in Asia, Latin America and the former Soviet Union (FSU).

Today, the BPEI's regional companies advise funds with more than $18 billion of committed capital, and has one of the most extensive on-the-ground networks of any international private equity provider.

Baring Private Equity International finalised its MBO from its parent company ING Group in August 2004. Under the terms of the agreement, the investment and advisory teams will continue to use the Baring Private Equity brand.

GP Investments became part of Baring Private Equity International in 2009 but operates in Latin America under its own brand.

Baring Vostok Capital Partners

Russia, Moscow. 30 professionals.
3.7 $ billion

GP Investments

United Kingdom, Bermuda. Brazil, Sao Paulo. 22 professionals.
2.6 $ billion

Baring Private Equity Partners India

India, Delhi. 20 professionals.
0.9 $ billion

Baring Private Equity Partners Asia

Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore. 44 professionals.
5.0 $ billion