This large sector covers the production and sale of consumer goods, as well as various consumer services including electronic commerce and health care. Since 1996, Baring Vostok funds have invested over $400 million in 13 companies from this sector.


One of the largest private medical clinics in Russia. Fully exited in 2020
Moscow, Russia
Year of initial investments:
Blocking stake

The European Medical Center (EMC) was founded in 1989. Today, EMC is one of the largest private multipurpose hospitals and clinics operator in Moscow servicing an upper middle price segment. ЕМС employs more than 600 highly qualified doctors from Russia, France, Israel, Germany and Japan.

Strong management and shareholders allows EMC to provide medical care for all, even the most complex specialties.

BVPEF IV investment in 2012 allowed the company to complete a construction and launch of the multifunctional hospital on Schepkina street (15,500 sq.m), as well as development of new projects.

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