This large sector covers the production and sale of consumer goods, as well as various consumer services including electronic commerce and health care. Since 1996, Baring Vostok funds have invested over $400 million in 13 companies from this sector.
Israel, Russia, US, UK
Minority stake

Gett was founded and is managed by serial entrepreneurs. It is one of the leading global players in on-demand transportation market operating in four countries including Israel, Russia, UK and US. As the taxi industry is undergoing a structural shift with both supply and demand migrating from street hail and phone service to two-sided mobile marketplaces, Gett has an opportunity to capture the strong growth of this market. On top of that, Gett was one of the first to launch a comprehensive solution for corporate clients, which now generates a considerable portion of the company’s gross profit.

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24 November 2020

21 years later….

Letter from Baring Vostok Senior Partner Elena Ivashentseva to colleagues and friends in relation to Ozon’s IPO