This large sector covers the production and sale of consumer goods, as well as various consumer services including electronic commerce and health care. Since 1996, Baring Vostok funds have invested over $400 million in 13 companies from this sector.

Leading consumer-focused ecosystem in Kazakhstan
Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
Year of initial investments:
Minority is the largest consumer-focused Ecosystem in Kazakhstan with a leading market position in each of its key products and services. provides technologically advanced, seamless and innovative ways for consumers to shop, pay for and finance their purchases, as well as manage their personal finances through a growing range of interconnected products and services. This is fast-growing, transaction-driven, profitable and dividend-paying business. is guided by its mission to improve people’s lives through developing innovative products and services. The company is built around four core revenue generating platforms, which form its Ecosystem and includes Marketplace, Payments, e-Finance and Consumer Financial Services platforms.

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