This large sector covers the production and sale of consumer goods, as well as various consumer services including electronic commerce and health care. Since 1996, Baring Vostok funds have invested over $400 million in 13 companies from this sector.
Moscow, Russia
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The Papa John’s restaurant chain is represented by PJ Western, master-franchisee in Russia, CIS and Central Europe. As of March 2018, in the territory of Russia, CIS and Poland there are 151 restaurants, 87 of which belong to the chain in Russia, 51 open on franchise in Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Angarsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk, Tumen, Krasnodar, Tver, Vladimir, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Samara, Togliatti, Sochi, Ekaterinburg and Obninsk.

The first Papa John’s restaurant in Russia was launched in December 2003. By the start of 2018, PJ Western staff comprised of more than 2,000 employees. The company also has its own car park for delivery services. Papa John’s is among the top three pizza delivery outlets in Russia and 75% of orders are received online – the highest index among all 45 countries where the chain operates.

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