The Funds’ first investment in telecommunications was made in 1994 in FGI Wireless (which eventually became today’s Vimpelcom, one of Russia’s largest mobile telephony operators). The company was a pioneer in cellular network development in Russia. Since 1994, Baring Vostok funds have invested over $850 million in 30 companies in the internet, software, media, and telecommunications sector.


Moscow, Russia
Year of initial investments:
Minority stake

Sorsdata was founded in 2013. The Company is one of the leading fintech companies in Russia, specialized in data analytics and personalized marketing. Leveraging the latest cloud, data, and machine learning solutions, Sorsdata delivers comprehensive data enhancement, segmentation, personalized campaign design and execution services for major on- and off-line retailers in Russia. Sorsdata has successfully partnered with leading national merchants in apparel, footwear, travel, and health and beauty categories to improve partners’ customer loyalty and digital marketing campaign performance.

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