The Funds’ first investment in telecommunications was made in 1994 in FGI Wireless (which eventually became today’s Vimpelcom, one of Russia’s largest mobile telephony operators). The company was a pioneer in cellular network development in Russia. Since 1994, Baring Vostok funds have invested over $850 million in 30 companies in the internet, software, media, and telecommunications sector.


Leading internet company in Russia. Fully exited in 2016
Moscow, Russia
Year of initial investments:
Large minority stake
IPO at NASDAQ in 2011. Fully exited in 2016.

Yandex ( – an Internet search engine primarily for Russian and Russian-language users – was launched in September 1997. In 2000, after researching the Russian Internet market thoroughly, Baring Vostok Private Equity Fund invested in the company.

Today, Yandex is the leading internet company in Russia, operating the country’s most popular search engine and most visited web site. The company also operates in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey. Yandex is in the world’s top five search engines by number of searches.

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