Russia and the region are endowed with one of the world’s most diverse and rich reserves of natural resources. Baring Vostok funds have actively invested in energy and forestry companies starting from the early privatisation projects of the 1990s, and later with the establishment of Burren Energy, an international oil company with assets in the Caspian region, in Africa, India and the Middle East. Since 1994, The funds have invested in a total of 18 projects related to natural resources, with total investments approximately $450 million .
Syktyvkar LPK

Syktyvkar LPK

One of Russia’s largest producers of pulp and paper products. The company is today a part of the Mondi group, a department of Mondi Business Paper. Exited in 2002
Syktyvkar, Russia
Control in consortium
Sale to a strategic investor

In spring 2002, Syktyvkar Wood Processing Plant was sold to Mondi Europe, allowing the company to become the largest producer of office paper in Europe.

Syktyvkar Wood Processing Plant is one of the largest plants in the paper and pulp industry in Russia. The First NIS Regional Fund purchased shares soon after the company’s privatisation.

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15 August 2019

Media Statement.

Mosgorsud took the only possible reasonable decision today, transferring Philippe Delpal to house arrest. The court also claified some of the restrictions relating to Michael Calvey’s continued house arrest.
10 July 2019

Media Statement.

At today’s hearing in the Basmanniy Court the defense lawyers for Ivan Zyuzin and Vagan Abgaryan announced a motion to disqualify the judge after spotting the ruling for the hearing on the judge’s desk before the hearing had even completed.